Proper Translation for Slogans

Teaming up with a translation company may not come to mind at first when broadening the scope of your business. However, it is also crucial to study each and every area of your business thoroughly to steer away from mishaps. Make mistakes in translation and advertising and you are sure to mislead potential customers, or worse, fail in the international scene. It is not easy to keep a consistent, concrete, coherent brand message with all the different cultures present. Only a few brands have achieved success in this aspect, while more try to cover a larger scale little by little.

Globalizing a business entity is a daunting task, and may not be as easy as it sounds and look. Overlooking even the most insignificant areas of any business can lead to crucial losses. Mistakes during the translation process bring down promotional campaigns in no time within a particular region. Employing professional translation services and relying on human translation can secure that you avoid making such mistakes in translation and are furnished with quality translations for your brand.



Automotive industry giant, Ford, identified a large scale consumer base for their product in Belgium. The company was excited to extend its business in the European nation and launched a grand advertising campaign in the region with a slogan that meant, ‘Every car has a high-quality body’.

However, the slogan was translated to, ‘Every car has a high-quality corpse’.


Meanwhile, another multinational blunder was a campaign by Pepsi in China.

During the 1960’s, Pepsi expanded its business to Asia and commenced its promotional campaign in China, which had the original slogan composed as ‘Come alive with Pepsi’.

The slogan was wrongfully translated as ‘Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead’. The absurdity of the translation sent Pepsi to failure during the entire promotional campaign.

Ultimately, whether you want to cover the auto industry, food industry, or even online services like Royal Vegas Casino, you should always keep in mind that translations should be carefully examined at all times.


Hiring professional help from translation services for business purposes are of paramount importance and can play a vital role in the success of an overseas promotional campaign. Today, human translation can also be aided by computer-assisted translation instruments and various tools.

Machine translation can play an imperative part in your international strategy. It can help you oversee how different markets see your product or services. In addition, it can also help you publish more content in a quicker and more efficient manner. If properly handled with human post-editing services, you can greatly benefit from the advantages of this instrument.