How to Influence Men to Use Beauty Products

Men want to feel confident in themselves even when they’re using personal care products. Perhaps it’s due to the stigma in the society where women are commonly the ones who use beauty items. But more than it being a beauty routine, it’s more of a hygiene and taking care of one’s self.

Even with the melting stigma, there are still men who feel reluctant to buy products for their personal care. If you’re a brand that targets men, here are some of the best ways to influence them to buy and use your goods.

Appealing to Men’s Machismo

If it’s just slogan we’re talking about, then there are a lot of ways that you can appeal to the emotional side of men. But remember that men are more straightforward, and rather than vanity, they are more into cleanliness and personal care.

  1. Emphasis on the importance of hygiene. Some men tend to be minimalists – just using the basic and most ordinary everyday products like shampoo and soap. But there are other products like conditioners, face cleansers, and toners that men also need.
  2. Targeting men’s need for a confidence booster. Even men suffer from a low confidence from time to time. Targeting issues that often cripple the confidence of men is one way to influence them. Acne, thinning or falling hair, and having an oily skin are just some of the issues that concern men.

Selling the Unique and Best Features of Products

Of course, when you’re going to influence buyer to purchase your product, you must make them think that it is better than any other brands at its price. To do this, sell the unique features of your product. For example, if you want to sell the best beard comb, then pinpoint just what makes it the best product and sell it.