The Evolution of Advertising Slogans

Often repeated again and again, advertising slogans is a vital element that can make or break a specific brand. If the motto is catchy, simple, and memorable, the company has better chances of attracting further customers and benefits. Meanwhile, if the tagline clashes with the target demographic, so too will sales, meaning lower chances of creating profit and drawing interested parties.

Advertising slogans always have been a critical marketing component for large and small businesses. The most popular brands have displayed memorable, catchy taglines that connected with consumers, but also experienced changes over the years. When it comes to their progress, advertising slogans have shifted from traditional to contemporary, with some of the well-known names in the world dictating the pace.

Here are some of the looked-upon brands that set the rate of advertising slogans:


Coca-Cola has experienced over 45 slogan chances over the years to keep up with the ever-changing preferences of individuals. The popular beverage company signifies how brands can stay current in the marketplace with the employment of slogan changes. During its early years, Coke slogans concentrated on the enjoyment of drinking a Coke, with lines such as ‘Meet me at the soda fountain’. Later changes focused on the eternal, indefinite, and more intuitive aspects of the brand, including ‘Make it real’ and ‘The Coke side of life’.


The famous fast-food chain went through numerous slogan changes over its course of existence, displaying how advertising taglines can cope with the changes with little risk. Its first recorded slogan, ‘Look for the Golden Arches’ has changed plenty of times, including the notable ‘Did somebody say Mcdonald’s’ and ‘We love to see you smile’. Furthermore, McDonald’s later unveiled its ‘I’m lovin’ it’ slogan, which was the company’s first attempt at a worldwide tagline.


For many brands, advertising slogans are tried and true tools that do to the job if properly executed. The exclusive Lady Lucks mobile casino bonus with its ‘Win a holiday of a lifetime with Lady Lucks’, Maxwell House’s ‘Good to the Last Drop’, and De Beers ‘Diamonds are Forever’ tagline never changed. For many brands, advertising slogans have endured the test of time, overlooking the need to evolve and instead elevating to further highlight the brand as a traditional option in the marketplace.


Geico advertising gimmicks always retain whimsical and quirky aspects that are geared towards lightheartedness and comedy over years. Many taglines have included a handful of variations. These later morphed into stronger campaigns that gave the brand a more concrete mission.