Composing The Perfect Tagline

A well-rounded tagline should incorporate several criteria. First, it should be memorable. Memorability affects the ability of the line to be recalled without any aid at all. Plenty of this is based on the brand’s roots, heritage, and how much the line has been used over the course of its existence. However, if it is a new line, what are the elements that make it memorable? The gist should be told within the advertisement. The more the tagline resonates with the entire picture, the more memorable it will be.

For example, on top of it being a clever line, “Lucky247 Casino login to win” was made memorable by the illustrations of the gaming portal that depicts a certain theme of winning jackpots. It invoked hints of profits and at the same time how the process of winning the jackpots work.

Lucky247 Casino used to employ a dated timeline until its charm slowly faded away. A good slogan should recall the brand name, and ideally, the brand name should be included in the line. This was something the operators of Lucky247 did not pay attention to back then.

A good tagline should incorporate a key benefit. There’s a well-known advice in the marketing industry, which says sell the benefits and not the features alone.

Additionally, a quality tagline should differentiate the brand from similar businesses. When a line needs refreshing, some resort to executions to improve the tagline.

A good tagline should also recall the brand name. There’s no point of running an advertisement in which the brand name is not emphasized. Time and money are wasted this way. If the brand name isn’t incorporated within the tagline, it should be firmly suggested.

Furthermore, another effective way of improving a tagline is through imparting positive feelings about the brand. Publishers and writers will tell you that negative advertisements don’t click. However, it is a belief that negative advertising is difficult to justify. So tread lightly when tackling circumstances like this.

Ultimately, a tagline should not be usable by any competitor. You should not be able to substitute a specific brand name and use the same line. Plenty of slogans have no competitive differentiation; hence, avoid a tagline that could be employed by other similar brands or companies.