Catchy And Interesting Slogans

It’s difficult to express and emphasize a certain concept or collection of concepts in just a few words—which is something that a slogan should possess. This is why certain brands who perfectly executed their slogans have produced a fairly decent reputation among the community. The ones that have figured out how to formulate and properly channel their propositions to their buyer persona in a limited number of words can definitely earn anyone’s respect.

While the word slogan sparks the idea of industry giants and popular brands that are associated with sought-after advertising agencies and expensive fees to come up with one, slogans are key elements of businesses in any size or budget.

Companies have slogans for the same reason they have logos and other advertising tools. It can be in the form of gaming slogans like free spins for GoWild Casino players or M&M’s popular tagline ‘Melts in Your Mouth’. While logos are merely visual representations of a brand, slogans convey a different message such as audible representations of ab rand. Both platforms are created to capture costumers’ attention more readily than the name or a certain product. In addition, slogans are far easier to remember.

The ultimate goal of slogans is to leave a key brand message across the field of consumers and interested parties so that, if they forget what the advertisement contains, chances are they’ll remember the slogan.

Here are a few brands that have catchy taglines and slogans:

  1. Nike: ‘Just Do It’
    It didn’t take long for Nike’s message to claim global recognition. The brand turned into something more than just apparel, but a form of lifestyle. The brand embodied a state of mind that encourages people to think that being an athlete is not limited to ripped physique and inborn talent. If you want to do it, just do it.
  2. California Milk Processor Board: ‘Got Milk’
    This is probably something you’ve come across while browsing through a magazine. While it is a popular campaign, not everyone is aware that it was launched by the California Milk Processor Board. The interesting fact about this campaign is that it was initially introduced to fight the rapid increase in fast food and soft beverages. The CMPB suggested that people should revert to milk as their drink of choice to achieve a healthier life.
  3. The New York Times: ‘All the News That’s Fit to Print’
    The tagline emerged in the late 1890’s to fight other news publications printing vivid journalism. The New York Times didn’t stand to furnish thrills, but rather, puts focus on important facts and stories that would educate its readers. It literally accounted “news fit to print”. This aided the paper’s popularity that became more than just a news channel, but a company that seeks to convey credible news.