Campaign Slogans

Political operations utilize a lot of campaign slogans. Typically, there are three simple communication channels that every campaign should uphold: a message, issues to back the message, and an effective campaign slogan.

So how does one produce a compelling political slogan?

Create a Connection

When creating a campaign slogan, the first key point is to cover the campaign’s message—what is the ultimate goal? Take note that the message should emerge before the slogan. Your campaign slogan needs to intertwine with your overall campaign message. Ideally, your slogan apprehends the entire spirit of your message in an elegant and more concise form.

For example, if the campaign message is, ‘John Doe is encouraging gaming enthusiasts to indulge in Gonzo’s Quest play with Bitcoin’. Your campaign slogan could be, ‘John Doe: cryptocurrency gaming at your fingertips.’

Utilize Core Values

Effective campaign slogans, like good messages, tap into core human needs, wants, and values. What are these? They are those things that act as a common ground for us, even if we disagree on how to establish those values. These typically involve emotions, generating a chronic response from voters. Some of these core values highlight the following:

  • Safety and protection
  • Making sure the future hold better for children
  • Providing for families
  • A safer environment for everyone
  • Having enough food, a place for shelter, and proper education

Stamp It

Once you have created a template for the basics of your campaign slogan, you will need to arrange or phrase your slogan in a way that makes it easy to recall. It needs to be short enough, but at the same time, interesting to be easy to say repeatedly.

Memorable slogans often employ short ‘phrase bursts,’ a style that divides a longer sentence into phrases that are easier to recall.

Another avenue towards creating a memorable slogan is to make it interesting. If an individual is drawn by your slogan, then he or she is likely to keep it in mind.

Finally, some campaigns have achieved success by using alliterations to create catchy and memorable slogans.

Spread the Word

The last element to compelling campaign slogans is spreading the world. A good slogan won’t deliver benefits if you hide it behind bars. Once you’ve created a great tagline, use your campaign slogan on various corners of the subject, such as campaign materials, advertisements, and e-mail. Basically, what you have to do is cover as much as you can with the campaign. People remember things best when they hear them again and again, so use this to your advantage.