Slogan campaign for the World Cup 2010

Like any other big sport event the World Cup 2010 South Africa is also needed a good Slogan campaign to make it easy and fast to understand that this is the greatest World Cup of all times.

The official Slogan campaign for the World Cup 2010 was published few months ago in one of the official events before the World Cup and the people of Africa liked it a lot. The Slogan for the World Cup is talking about the continent, were the games will take place, the history of these people and the history of the black man in Africa. Also it talks about the humanity of the people and the friendliness of them all, the need for resources and the well coming development. And it all came into one Slogan campaign for the soccer World Cup in South Africa:

“Celebrate Africa Humanity”

The true message of this slogan campaign for the upcoming soccer world cup is the excitement, happiness and joy that the people of Africa witnessed from all villages and main cities across this great continent – to the world, the western world mainly.

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The real slogan starts with an African word for Its time, well, it’s time for the soccer world to see South Africa and understands the benefits and the potential in this great land, for the sport world and for the 21tyh century.

Ke Nako Celebrate Africa Humanity

This slogan for the soccer world cup is on the official World Cup jerseys, there are special World Cup 2010 ball, with the design of this slogan and many other items are printed with the slogan on it. When you will be sitting in your home to watch the world cup live on your TV, this slogan will rock your mind between the goals and the commercial advertisements.  The official Slogan for the World Cup 2010 is ready for the games to begin.