Funny campaign slogans

One of the things for a good campaign is to have a good slogan. Campaign without a winning slogan, short phrase to tell the idea and catch the people mind is a campaign to lose with. Since there are so many of campaign slogans to choose from, we are thinking about the funniest campaign slogans which are valuable for each campaign.

Among the different funny campaign slogans we can find some for the business world, private world, funny campaign slogans for political candidates, company and products slogan campaign which are usually for the long run, catchy slogans and others. The most valuable ones are the funny campaign slogans which aiming for the public and always doing the right effect.

The funniest campaign slogans are the ones you can “play with”, change and adjust for upcoming events. In the time of Vietnam War we are learn to use the campaign slogan – “make love no war”, this is not one of the a funny campaign slogans but it did made something to the people to come out with similar slogans which are funny:
“Make coffee no break” in use in busy offices where it’s no time for a coffee break down stars, so the slogan is to drink the coffee during the work time.

“Make baby no more” was in use when the population in India and China went over the one billion; people in the west were talking to stop the baby’s boom in these countries.

“Make me Al Gore” popular funny campaign slogan which was adopted by Al Gore’s supporters after he lost again.
And there are many more funny campaign slogans which relay on some famous slogans during the years. The best thing about the funny campaign slogans are that they last longer and if one came with a winning campaign slogan for political candidate and this candidate wins the campaign, it can also worth good money.